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12 October 2016

Hello, everyone! This is my landing page for all things writing and publishing. My name is Chuck Sambuchino and I am a book editor, humor writer and freelance editor. I am editor for Writer’s Digest Books and have written 8 books. HERE ARE SOME WAYS FOR US TO CONNECT:

TO CONTACT ME: Please do NOT leave a comment on this site — it gets too much spam. My two primary e-mails are chuck.sambuchino (at) (dot) com, and reesedn3a416 (at) hotmail (dot) com. E-mail one, or better yet both.



Thanks for visiting my writing website. This picture is of me instructing at a book festival in Indianapolis.

Me during a critique session at the Midwest Writers Workshop. I freelance critique query letters, synopses, book proposals and novels. Check out my Editing Services page for all information.


These are my 8 books.

Smiling with writers after teaching in Virginia.

Me on a panel at the International Women’s Fiction Festival — Matera, Italy. I got to wear those cool headphones and hear translations when questions were not asked in English. Quite a thrill!

Instructing at Muse at the Marketplace in Boston. One of the only times I’ve tried to pull off a vest.

Signing books at Cincinnati’s book festival, Books by the Banks.

Talking on a panel at the San Francisco Writers’ Conference.

My session on “How to Get Published” at the Carnegie Literary Center in Lexington, KY.